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We work with the High Net Worth Individual...

...(the “HNWI”) & their advisers, to achieve tax-efficient & compliance-centric, personal & business Gibraltar redomiciliation.

Specifically we:

  • prepare, submit & process initial Gibraltar Finance Centre (the “GFC”) HNWI documentation, together with annual returns.
  • advise on structuring the HNWI existing affairs so as to maximise the benefits of redomiciliation, which often involves a Gibraltar trading or holding company.
  • assist in financing & acquisition of a suitable Gibraltar residence.
  • provide incidental accounting services.

Introduction to Gibraltar

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar (“HMGofG”) has maintained for decades, stable pro-wealth creation & preservation policies. This has resulted in one of the world’s best year-on-year growth rates, combined with a stable, low-crime, sunny & family-friendly environment. Gibraltar is a world leader in online-gambling, blockchain & distributed ledger technology, maritime services (shipping & yacht registration) insurance & financial services. HMGofG established the Gibraltar Finance Centre ("GFC"), with the intention of, inter alia, encouraging HNWI immigration.

Gibraltar has no:

  • Inheritance tax.
  • Capital Gains tax.
  • Value Added tax.
  • Wealth tax.
  • Sales tax.

Introduction to Category 2 (“Cat2”)

The Cat2 status suits any HNWI, but especially:

  • the retiree.
  • the company owner with company income source outside of Gibraltar, who subject to compliance, can maintain a continuing managerial role.
  • the cosmopolitan remote worker.

The Cat2 resident must either own or rent approved residential accommodation in Gibraltar. The accommodation must be approved by the Gibraltar Finance Centre and be used exclusively by the Cat2 individual & his direct family: his direct family includes his spouse, children, brother, sister, parents & his spouse’s parents. Therefore, the Cat2 individual cannot ordinarily rent the property out is limited to occasionally allowing others to stay there; otherwise he will not be deemed to have “exclusive use” and would consequently lose his status.

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